The Joint Military Commission (JMC) 5 + 5 has announced the deportation of 300 mercenaries who were part of Haftar’s forces, within the Eastern Region initiative that were previously announced.

A member of the JMC from the eastern region, Marja’ Al-Amami, said to Fawasel Media, that they deported last week 300 fighters of Sudanese nationality, who were fighting in the ranks of Haftar’s forces, to their country.

“This came in accordance with a goodwill initiative from the General Command”, Al-Amami noted, saying that they are waiting for a similar measure from the western region.

"Waiting for the exit mechanism of the Turkish and Russian forces, whose countries have ensured that they are placed under the supervision of the international community, to begin implementing it by both parties under the supervision of international observers”, Al-Amami added.

He also explained that JMC is working hard to accomplish its assigned tasks, expressing his hope that the politicians would reach an agreement that would bring the country out of its current situation.