The chief of so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) Ibrahim Jodran declared Thursday a military operation in the oil crescent region to retake it from Dignity Operation, which he labelled as “a terrorist entity.”

In a video statement posted on the Information office of PFG, Jodran said that their force is formed of PFG, sons of Al-Magharba tribe, and Tabu tribe, in addition to others from the oil crescent region.

"Our goal is to lift up the injustice upon the sons of Al- Magharba tribe and the PFG members," Jodran said, insisting their rejection of terrorism and extremism.

He added that other forces are willing to join them from the cities of Benghazi and the Green Mountain, accusing Dignity Operation of destroying the social fabric of the nation and causing the displacement of thousands in these areas.

"Without regional and international forces and armed opposition groups from Africa, Dignity Operation forces wouldn't have controlled the oil crescent oil." Jodran explained.

He also pointed out that they support the government of national accord and unification of Libya, stressing that their goal is to restore security and fight the real extremism of criminality, abuse, and intimidation of citizens.

Jodran forces attacked early on Thursday the oil crescent and seized several locations.  The Information office of PFG said their forces managed to take control of Sidra oil port and are now advancing steadily towards the other oil terminals.

Local sources reported that an oil storage tank in Rasu Lanuf oil terminal was set ablaze due to the ongoing clashes.

Photos posted online showed thick black smoke billowing into the air from Ras Lanuf.