The spokesman of the so-called Oil Facilities Guard has strongly condemned what it described the criminal act carried out by Khalifa Haftar’s warplanes when they bombed a training camp for the guard forces in Sham district that lies to the west of Ajdabia on the road to Brega city, vowing that its retaliation will be ruthless.

On Sunday, the so-called Oil Facilities Guard, led by militiaman Ibrahim Jodran, announced to remain neutral toward the fight taking place in Ajdabia between the Ajdabia Liberation Room and Dignity Operation forces.

The air force of the rogue General Khalifa Haftar carried out an airstrike on Monday, thitting a training camp for the guard. The camp, which is located in western Ajdabia, was left with only material damage without any deaths or injuries reported.

Three Libyan oil ports that have been closed by Jodran militia groups for nearly 2 years, causing  over $60 billion losses in production and exports.