The Joint Force of the Military of Defence has arrested five individuals suspected of belonging to the ISIS group.

The force clarified that the detainees include two Tunisians, an African, and two Libyans.

Sources said that four of the cell members were arrested in a security operation south of the city of Aljmail, near the Tunisian border, while the fifth was caught in an ambush on the highway.

In a separate operation, the joint force has managed to seize 6 trucks used to smuggle fuel to Tunisia, after clashes with the armed group in charge of the fuel smuggling operations.

One gunman was injured during the operation and the others were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution, according to the Joint Force.

It also confirmed the detention of 350 African immigrants who were arrested while attempting to migrate to Europe through Ajilat and Aljmail cities west of Libya, indicating that this comes within the framework of the force's efforts to combat human trafficking, fuel, and drugs smuggling, as well as terrorist organizations in the western region.