The committee formed by the judicial expertise and research center said in its preliminary report that some of the suicides that swept the eastern city of Al-Bayda lately were due to "online extortion."

"Charlie Charlie game has nothing to do with the suicide cases." The report reads.

The committee also explained that it had taken specimens from the bodies of the persons who hanged themselves and they were all void of any signs of drugs, thus falsifying such wide-spread allegations by social media and officials.

"Forensic doctors also confirmed in their reports that there were no threads of evidence leading to any kind of crime." The report adds.

The committee said it had discovered that certain cases were subject to online blackmailing and outward pressure over emotional relationships.

"The final report on the issue will be delivered to the Attorney General Office after more thorough investigations." The committee added.

Several suicide cases took place recently in Al-Bayda, eastern Libya, especially among youngsters, which left Libyans across the country wondering as to what could be the reasons behind such heart-breaking incidents.