The Minister of Tourism and Traditional Industries, Nasr Al-Deen Al-Fezzani, discussed with the Minister of Justice, Halima Abdel-Rahman, the removal of Libyan sites from the list of world heritage in danger of the UNESCO. 

The meeting, which was held on Sunday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, discussed the role of the Ministry of Tourism and its contribution to the procedures for removing Libyan sites from the list of endangered sites, as well as the laws and regulations that define the responsibilities of the parties concerned with the management of tourist and cultural sites.

The meeting also touched on procedures for registering tourism companies, plans and programs for tourism promotion, and involving local residents through the localization of projects that contribute to achieving benefits that reflect positively on local communities and, consequently, on World Heritage sites.

The meeting comes within coordination and cooperation programs between institutions concerned with managing, preserving and protecting international tourist and cultural sites, as well as supporting efforts aimed at removing the five Libyan sites (Lebda (Leptus Magna), Shahat, Sabratha, ancient Ghadames, and the rock art in Akakus) from the list of world heritage in danger.