The commander of western operations room of the Presidential Council Osama Juwaili said "liberating Gharyan from Khalifa Haftar's forces on Wednesday constitutes a radical change of realities in the ongoing war."

In a statement, Juwaili said the city of Gharyan was entirely captured by the Libyan Army forces who killed and injured many fighters from Haftar's forces and arrested many others.

"The return to legitimacy in Libya is still an open option for all parties, the criminals will always be a target for the western military forces under the command of the Presidential Council. I urge all tribes in Libya to cooperate with the Libyan Army forces and prevent Haftar's forces from repositioning in residential areas and state properties." Juwaili added.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj welcomed the "liberation of Gharyan," saying this is the beginning of foiling the coup plot that Haftar schemed to seize power

"The offensive against Haftar's forces is ongoing and will be so till all Libyan areas are "cleansed." Al-Sarraj remarked.

He called on "the people lured into the fighting" in other areas to side with the country and unshoulder their weapons to avoid bloodshed.

The High Council of State hailed the victories of the Libyan Army forces and the seizing of control over the city of Gharyan after it had been liberated from criminal gangs.

"All those backing up Haftar's forces in their war on Tripoli should withdraw as it is a losing war led by the criminal Haftar and his sons who want to rule Libya by force." The Head of High Council of State Khalid Al-Mishri said.