The Misrata Municipal Council has refused the outcomes of the summit proceeding the National Reconciliation Conference, which wrapped up in Tripoli on Thursday, with the participation of UN, Arab, and African officials.

"Misrata with all its components was and will remain supportive of a true and comprehensive national reconciliation based on the constitutional declaration and the transitional justice law," the Municipal Council of Misrata stated on Saturday.

It stressed that the reconciliation must rest on the foundations and principles of the February Revolution aimed at building a state of law and institutions, warning that undermining the principles of the Libyan's revolution is rejected under any pretext.

The statement deemed the preparatory forum as nothing more than "a suspicious deal," saying it was lacking on all sides.

"The outcomes of the forum were not based on the provisions of Islamic law, the foundations of transitional justice, and Libyan customs and traditions".

The municipal council held the Presidential Council the moral and legal responsibility for "manipulating the reconciliation file and violating the principles of the February Revolution and social peace," underscoring that Misrata is a major party of any genuine reconciliation project.

In the same context, the February 17 Revolutionaries Union in Misrata issued a statement saying that the preparatory forum had deviated from its objective.

In a statement on Saturday, the bloc said the PC concluded a suspicious deal to give the pro-Gaddafi regime supremacy over other parties.

"The February Revolution is a "red line that cannot be negotiated," the group said, adding that there will be no reconciliation before electing a unified legislative body and one government that can achieve social justice.

The meeting for the PC-led National Reconciliation Forum was marred with controversy after supporters of the Gaddafi regime rejected the flag and the national anthem.

Speaking on the issue, the spokeswoman for the Presidential Council, Najwa Wahiba, said that such a dispute would be resolved by the constitution, as the forum should discuss deeper issues, as she put it.