Chief of Dignity Operation, Khalifa Haftar, has deplored the Presidential Council’s appointment of Awaqir tribesman, Faraj Egaim, as Deputy Minister of Interior, saying it threatens national security.

In a circular to his armed groups, the renegade General said Egaim’s appointment is an attempt to break up the military institution in eastern Libya, accusing “the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups” of being behind his appointment.

He ordered his militia groups to ban Presidential Council officials from working in the areas under his control.

The Presidential Council appointed on Thursday Faraj Egaim, chief of so-called Special Tasks Force in Benghazi, as Deputy Minister of Interior, a step that will worsen already strained relations between Awaqir tribe and Khalifa Haftar.

According to Awaqir sources, Egaim will hold meetings with security departments’ chiefs to ensure their support to his new mission.

Chief of so-called Military Intelligence, Salah Bu Laghaib, was the first to vow support to Egaim, saying his force will now work under his command.

The sources added that Khalifa Haftar will rely on “Sahawat fighters” from Benghazi’s districts to turn them against Egaim. The Sahawat fighters are groups of criminals who control several districts of the city and are very easy to hire.