Rebels from Sudan Liberation Army are behind Sunday attack on the Libyan city of Al-Kufra, an official Sudanese military authority has confirmed.

In their official facebook page, the Sudanese Armed Forces -SAF- said they had obtained authentic military information which proves that Darfur rebels led by Minni Minnawi and Abdel Wahid Mohamed al-Nur launched an attack on the border city of Al-Kufra in an operation that aimed to have control over the city.

"One Libyan party hired Darfur rebels to have control over Al-Kufra, but resistance forces of the city defeated them." SAF said.

"More than 40 rebels were killed and around 30 military vehicles were destroyed." It added.

Senior Darfur rebel commander Abdul-Karim Adam Arja was killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, senior Al-Kufra politician Al-Twati Al-Eidah, an ex-member of the General National Congress but now in favour of Tobruk Parliament and Dignity Operation, has admitted that Sunday attack on his city was carried out by foreign mercenaries.

Speaking to LPC channel, Al-Eidah said rebels from the Sudan Liberation Movement and former Hissène Habré's Chadian opposition gathered in Northern Chad to plan their attack on Al-Kufra.

He added that senior military officers contacted what he called "the General Staff and the Commander-in-Chief Khalifa Haftar" to report about movements of these rebels, but Haftar informed them that these groups are affiliated to him.

"These rebels then attacked Al-Kufra from the northern side but they were defeated." He noted.

Al-Eidah also declared that Haftar is hiring these groups for his war in eastern Libya, and mercenaries from Darfur and Chard are already present in Tobruk, Al-Marij, Al-Bayda and Benghazi.

On Sunday, a convoy of 40 military vehicles attacked Al-Kufra from the northern side, but pro-GNC and Libya Dawn revolutionary fighters clashed with the invaders and crushed them. Around 40 mercenaries were killed and 15 of their military vehicles were set ablaze.