An armed group loyal to rogue General Khalifa Haftar attacked Thursday the house of Tobruk parliament member Amer Omran and abducted his brother.

Omran, a backer of Skhirat agreement, said the armed group stormed his family’s house in Ben Jawad town early today, assaulted his mother and took his younger brother to an unknown place. He was not in the house when the attack took place.

Omran regarded the attack as a blackmailing attempt to control his freedom of expression following a barrage of threats he received over the past months because of his support to the UN-proposed government.

“I strongly condemn the attack on my family which was carried out by a party, supposedly belonging to the state, in full view of everyone,” Amer Omran posted in his official Facebook account.

Omran is also a supporter of Ibrahim Jodran and so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard. He received several threats from Dignity Operation to change course and back Khalifa Haftar’s orientation regarding the current Libyan political and security situations.