Renegade General Khalifa Haftar is preparing an assassination list of military officers and political figures in east and west Libya who could pose a threat to him, Emirati Affairs news website reported on Sunday.

The UAE's well-known opposition news website cited sources as saying that instructions were given to Khalifa Haftar from the Egyptian Intelligence Agency and Mohammed Dahlan, an exiled Palestinian politician and top advisor to the UAE rulers, to assassinate senior Dignity Operation military officers and federalists to pave the way for his absolute rule and ensure that no one competes with him.

The website said preparations for the list started in April 2016 in coordination between Egyptian Intelligence, Mohammed Dahlan and Khalifa Haftar's adviser Noman Ben Ottoman, a former Gaddafi intelligence agent.

"If the assassination plot was failed, the targets would be defamed in the media," the website claimed.

The list included defense minister-designate Mihdi Baraghati, Ibrahim Jodran, federalist HoR member Abu Baker Baira, federalist HoR member Esam Jahani, federalist HoR member Ziyad Daghaim, and senior Dignity Operation officer Wanis Bu Khamadah, in addition to 23 others.