The insoluble dilemma of rogue Gen. Khalifa Haftar could collapse the presidential council of UN-imposed government of Fayaz Sirraj, as eastern members of the council are demanding guarantees for Haftar's role in the new government.

Sources said a dispute broke out between the council members over the leadings positions in the government. Council members Ali Al-Gotrani and Fathi Al-Mijibri, both in favor of Haftar, are insisting that the latter must remain in his position as "commander-in-chief of the army", and threatened to quit the council if this was not guaranteed.

While other members think Haftar is a controversial character and his role would violate the concord according to the political agreement.

The political agreement states that all military positions should immediately become vacant after signing of the agreement.

Tobruk Parliament member Idriss Omran confirmed to Karama TV that both council members, Ali Al-Gotrani and Fathi Al-Mijibri, had walked out the meeting of the presidential council during its debate on the leading positions.

"Both members threatened to suspend their membership but Kobler telephoned them and promised to address this matter." Omran said.

Omran also indicated that the negotiations of the presidential council have made no progress.

"According to the facts on the ground, it's clear that the eastern delegation would totally withdraw and suspend membership." He added.