The so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard, Ibrahim Jodran's de facto armed groups, have repelled an offensive by Dignity Operation militias on Zueitina oil port, about 180 km south west of Benghazi.

Chief of Ajdabiya Borders' Guard Bashir Bodfairah said the Friday attack on Zueitina was led by Muftah Shagloof who is appointed by Khalifa Hafter as chief of Petroleum Facilities Guard.

"They attacked Zueitina oil port because Hafter refuses the resumption of oil exports," Bodfairah explained, adding that Dignity Operation militias are positioned 12 km east of Zueitina.

He also indicated that elders from Zueitina have established contacts with Shagloof's armed group in order to avoid clashes in the oil region.

Shagloof was tasked by renegade General Khalifa Hafter to occupy oil ports in the oil crescent region in addition to the oil fields in Wahat, Maradah and Zallah regions.

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