The western countries have failed Misrata-led forces fighting ISIS in Sirte

Western media call them "forces loyal to Libya's internationally backed unity government," but the Head of UN Mission in Libya Martin Kobler hinted that the identity of these forces is still unclear.

On Sunday, Martin Kobler visited the High Council of State where Council President Abdul-Rahman Al-Swaihli expressed displeasure over the international community's delay to fulfil its commitment to arm the forces fighting ISIS in Sirte and treat the wounded.

"Martin Kobler stressed that the United Nations Security Council will lift the arms embargo for the forces fighting Daesh in Sirte only when it makes sure that these forces are under the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army-Presidency Council of Government of National Accord," the Media Office of the High Council of State reported.

Kobler's statement came as clashes rage in Sirte and the liberation of the city is imminent. The Media Office of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos Operation said their forces have tightened control over the liberated areas in Sirte and now are besieging ISIS militants in a circle of 5km in downtown.

Many western countries have pushed for the fight against ISIS and promised to provide support, but nothing has happened. To make matters worse, the EU has banned Libyan planes carrying wounded fighters from entering European airspace. As a result, many wounded fighters were taken to Algeria on commercial aircraft.

The Accident and Emergency Department at Misrata Central Hospital declared it's facing severe shortages of medical supplies. The UN-proposed government failed to help and only the Crisis Committee, set up by the Salvation Government, managed to import anesthetics and other urgent medical supplies.