The United Nations (UN) envoy to Libya, Jan Kubi, reiterated the relevance of holding the elections within the correct timeframe, despite the observations made by certain parties regarding the laws regulating the elections, keeping in mind that the current stage of the procedure is an extremely sensitive period for the country to cross safely through the ballot boxes, according to him.

During his meeting with the Vice-President of the Presidential Council (PC), Abdullah Al-Lafi, Kubis together with various young citizens rejecting the candidacy of controversial figures in the elections, stressed that the judiciary should be the final decider regarding the objection of known personalities running for the elections, calling on all parties to accept the final results and decisions.

For their part, a number of attendees expressed their concerns regarding the conduct of the elections according to the current laws, along with the candidacy of some controversial figures.

They further renewed their support for the holding of free and fair elections, calling for the necessity to provide guarantees for all candidates of freedom of movement and the monitoring of movement and electoral propaganda within various cities, warning against any forgeries or irregularities in the voting process, which may later lead to dispute.