The UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, said Wednesday in his final briefing to the Security Council, as he announced Tuesday he quit his post, that the ongoing controversy about elections could undermine the process, especially that there are voices rejecting holding elections in their current form, warning that not holding elections could lead to more conflicts in Libya.

Kubis called on all Libyan parties and candidates to push for holding elections on time and to respect their results, saying rejecting the results of elections could bring Libya back to the circle of conflict and violence.

He indicated that it is crucial that the High National Elections Commission follows the set dates for preliminary and presidential elections that are slated for December 24, saying the political environment in Libya is still suffering from polarization and is fragile but Libyans want to hold elections, which if not held, could lead to conflicts.

Kubis said the Libyan judiciary has the final say regarding the electoral process. He said foreign forces and mercenaries' presence is still concerning to Libya and neighboring countries, welcoming the plan of 5+5 Joint Military Commission to hold meetings in Turkey, Russia and neighboring states of Libya in that regard.