The UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, called on all parties to the Libyan conflict to commit to the ceasefire. His remarks were made in several talks he held with a wide range of Libyan stakeholders.

Kubis welcomed the progress achieved so far by the Libyan stakeholders in different areas and stressed the importance of all relevant institutions to respect the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum's Roadmap and continue working for its full implementation.

He commended the exemplary work of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee in implementing its mandate and encouraged the Committee to sustain steady progress and take further steps towards the reopening of the coastal road.

Kubis also called on all parties to meet their obligations and to provide the necessary support for the implementation of the ceasefire agreement and relevant UN Security Council resolutions, including the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries.

UNSMIL said Kubis continued to engage in support of the ongoing efforts to convene the HoR as soon as possible, as well as in support of the efforts to agree on the constitutional basis for the December 2021 elections, which should be accelerated.

Meanwhile, Kubis condemned and expresses grave concern over the serious security incident, targeting Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga, adding that such reckless acts pose threats to stability and security and aim at derailing the political process and other efforts in support of Libya and its people.

Kubis called for a full, rapid, and transparent investigation into the incident, which he said once again proves how important it is to keep all the arms only in the hands of the legitimate authorities.