Four civilians have been killed in a new landmine explosion, the National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) said on Monday.

The NCHRL indicated that the incident took place between Zliten city and Al-Dawon district.

"Two land mines exploded in an open area, between Zliten and Al-Dawon, when the four men were in a hunting trip on Sunday," a statement by the NCHRL expalined.

Remnants of war and land mines laid out in the southern parts of Tripoli and the surrounding areas continue to claim innocent civilians' lives, the committee added, emphasized the urgent need to support the Libyan authorities and civil society organizations in their efforts to clear these areas by providing additional resources such as funding, training, equipment and raising Libyan capabilities.

Upon their defeat in Tripoli, Haftar's militias set up land mines in neighborhoods, farms, and open areas, following in, the footsteps of ISIS who planted improvised explosive devices in the city of Sirte in 2016.

The landmines have killed or injured about 160 persons, according to the Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, which confirmed that those landmines were designed to kill or cause permanent, catastrophic disabilities.