John McCain: We have taken the necessary steps to stop neighbouring countries from backing up Haftar



A delegation from the Libyan American Public Affairs Council (LAPAC) has discussed with members of the US National Security Agency, the Senate, the House of Representatives, Defense Department and State Department, the necessity for providing medical support and overseas treatment for the injured from the revolutionary fighters who are battling terrorist IS militants in Sirte.      

In a statement issued on July 01, LAPAC explained that the US officials, including Senator John McCain, agreed to provide the medical support needed for the forces fighting terrorism in Sirte even if “limited”, pointing out that Senator McCain refused to make excuses based on budget or other financial matters.   

Member of LAPAC delegation, Ali Al-Jroushi, told the US officials that the Libyan revolutionaries are not fighting terrorism for the Libyans’ sake only, but also for the sake of all humanity, adding that the revolutionaries will continue to uproot terrorism from Libya regardless whether or not they receive support.

“Providing no support for the revolutionaries who are fighting IS in Sirte will leave us skeptical about how true this ongoing international war on terrorism is.” Al-Jroushi indicated.    

“We asked the US officials about the reasons behind the inefficiency of the international community and the US Department of Treasury when it comes to uncovering the funding sources for the terrorist groups in Libya. We mentioned to the US officials a number of former regime henchmen who are indeed very well off and are said to be sponsoring IS in Libya. However, the US officials responded by saying that investigation is underway and the sponsoring sources have not yet been identified.” Explained the Secretary General of LAPAC, Imad Addeen Al-Muntaser.

Likewise, the Head of LAPAC, Isam Ameish, made a clear warning of the return of the former regime henchmen to Libya, especially to the districts where Khalifa Haftar is in control, informing the US officials that such a step can trigger drastic repercussions and hinder the democratic track ongoing in Libya, let alone the bad influence it could have on the mutual US-Libyan interests.

The delegation also refuted the allegations of some parties that describe the revolutionaries who are fighting IS in Sirte as Al-Qaeda affiliates, pointing out LAPAC’s rejection of the words said by Libya’s Ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim Dabbashi in which he said “IS will be replaced by Al-Qaeda” when the revolutionaries win Sirte battle.  

“We urged the US officials to look at our request, which we sent to the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon and the UN Legal Administration,   regarding dismissing Dabbashi from his current post.” The delegation elaborated.

The delegation discussed as well the destructive role Khalifa Haftar is playing in Libya in general, and in Benghazi in particular, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, “which we told them is a big lie” the delegation added.

“We gave them many pieces of evidence that showcase the truth of Haftar’s coup intentions in Libya and also his intention to keep Libya at war for as long as he can, especially with the support coming to his militias from many regional countries.” The delegation stated, explaining that an American official confirmed that the US warned three Middle-Eastern countries of providing any kind of support for Haftar, pinpointing that the US is against any party that gasps for prolonging the war in Libya.