The Ministry of Interior says that a group affiliated with ISIS is moving in the southwestern region to destabilize the security in the country.

In a statement, the ministry confirmed that an attack took place last Wednesday near Mount Asida, west of Qatroun. "An armed group affiliated with ISIS attacked a patrol of the Umm al-Aranib Martyrs' Brigade of Haftar's forces, killing three members of the force," the ministry confirmed, disclosing that the patrol members killed four of the terrorist group and destroyed their vehicles. 

"Efforts are underway to pursue the remnants of the terrorists until they are eliminated and to establish security control in the region." The statement reads.

For its part, Qatrun Security Directorate said, on Thursday, that forces affiliated with Haftar in collaboration with other battalions are carrying out a security sweep in the area.

It noted that the area extending from Qatrun to Jabal Asida was declared a military zone based on instructions from the Joint Security Force Operations Room of the Qatrun Military Region.