The Director of the Libyan Asset Recovery and Management Office(LARMO), Mohamed Mansali, has emphasized the need for regional countries to promote cooperation and create a network of offices to recover and manage looted funds.

Mansali's remarks came during a three-day conference in Rabat that wrapped up on Wednesday.

The event, organized by the Moroccan Ministry of Justice in partnership with the European Union and the Syracuse International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, was held under the theme (Strengthening Judicial Cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa Region For an Integrated Approach to Investigations and Follow-ups in the Field of Combating Money Laundering).

"The participation of LARMO in this event is significant, as it is the first and only office concerned with the recovery of stolen assets and the management of recovered funds in the Middle East and North Africa," a statement by Larmo said.

It is noteworthy that the Karn international asset recovery network invited LARMO to establish and head a branch of the network in North Africa, to improve the performance of asset recovery operations at the regional level.