Le Monde has revealed that out of their animosity to Turkey, Syria's regime and Libya's east-based Interim Government are forming a new axis to support Khalifa Haftar.

The French newspaper has reported an independent military expert as saying that flights between Syria and Benghazi had turned from one a month to one or two a week.

It also reported a source close to Russian Wagner Group as saying that recruiting Syrian fighters started in 2018 as 1500 well trained fighters from Syrian commandos arrived in Benghazi in coordination with Syrian Security Chief Ali Mamlouk.

According to the source, most fighters who are recruited by Haftar are from Ghouta in Damascus suburbs and As Suwayda, majorly Druze population, and are paid between 800 and 1500 dollars.

Cham Wings Airlines - sanctioned by the Security Council - has direct flights from Syria to Benghazi, the last of which was on Wednesday, knowing that what is on the flight isn't known to anyone, which was reiterated by the former UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame, who said flights from Syria to Benghazi were depicted without knowing what their cargo was.

According to several sources, many Syrian mercenaries recruited by Russian Wagner Group arrived in Libya to supper Haftar's forces in their war on Tripoli.