The leaders of the Tripoli revolutionary brigades issued a statement on Friday calling on the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government to either commit to the Skhirat agreement or declare it as a failure.

“We are very concerned about the deteriorating living and security conditions in the country after the arrival of the UN-proposed government to Tripoli.” The statement goes.

They also called for unity to save the country from collapse and for peaceful power circulation, warning of any harbored intentions to spark war in the capital.

“We totally reject the coup attempts and the rule of military.” The statement continues, adding that the Tripoli brigades condemn assassinations, abductions and breaking into houses.

The leaders also called for the release of all the kidnapped people and for lifting the siege on Benghazi and Derna, urging at the same time for stopping Khalifa Haftar from pursuing his coup.

They also added that they are against radicalism and will fight it in all of its forms, reaffirming that they are fully ready to work with whomever is loyal to the country and wants to form united army and police institutions.