Letter from Presidency Council member Fathi Al-Mijibri to the US Embassy in Amman
Hanadi's hacked google account

A leaked recording of a telephone conversation between a Jordanian woman and a Libyan activist has sparked a social media storm with thousands of angry comments and mockery cartoons.

The recording leaked on the internet this Tuesday appears to capture Hanadi Ammari, a Jordanian woman in her 40s, and Libyan pro-House of Representatives activist Mohammed Qashoot talking about Libya’s political agreement and the selection of nominees for the government.

The conversation is said to have taken place in 2015 prior to the signing of Libya’s political agreement in Skhirat, Morocco.

Social media has been awash with angry comments with the hashtag (in Arabic) Hanadi_government became a trending topic to mock members of UN-proposed government and Skhirat agreement signatories.
In the leaked telephone conversation, Hanadi described herself as the right hand and senior adviser to Presidency Council member Fathi Al-Mijibri.

“I am the organizer and coordinator of Dr. Fathi’s meetings with nominees for the government,” she disclosed.

She said she wanted to be the project manager for the UNSMIL to work with then-head of UNSMIL Bernardino Leon and head of political office of UNSMIL Moain Sharim to oversee the Libyan political agreement.
The conversations also revealed her role in selecting nominees for the so-called Government of National Accord brokered by the UNSMIL.

“The project manager will coordinate all meetings and pick independent persons and technocrats like Husni Bey and you to put a roadmap for the government,” Hanadi told Qashoot, who, in his Facebook profile, admitted the authenticity of the recording.

Hours after the leak, a Libyan hacker called “the simple citizen” hacked Hanadi’s Facebook page and google account.

The hacker posted a letter from Presidency Council member Fathi Al-Mijibri to the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan, asking for a multiple entry visa to Ramiz Ammari, brother of Hanadi, describing him as an adviser to the educational sector of UN-proposed government.

He also published a 120.000-EURO invoice for a private flight for Hanadi and 13 associates.

Who is Hanadi?

Hanadi Sameih Ammari, a Jordanian came to Benghazi, Libya, during the beginning of the 17 February Revolution under the pretext of setting up a private media services company.

She moved to Tripoli after the fall of Colonel Gaddafi's regime in 2011, she had a headquarters at the Bab Al Bahr Hotel and lived at the Radisson Blu Hotel. She quickly gained a pertinent list of contacts in diplomatic missions and foreign ambassadors of Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and the European Union.

She also approached the ministers in Libya, which began to put question marks on her motives, and accusations began circulating by many politicians and legal personnel that the true mission of Hanadi was to recruit elite officials, legal professionals, activists and the media in favor of the secret intelligence community.

Accusations against Hanadi have also implicated her in the filming of Libyan officials, ministers and agents with prostitutes and extorting them for the benefit of other intelligence agencies. Her role is claimed to have been the employment of girls from Libya and Jordan for this purpose.

Hanadi`s involvement in Libya doesn’t end there though, she was an adviser to Ali Tarhouni in the Constitution Drafting Assembly in Bayda. Then after the Skhirat political agreement was signed she moved to Tunisia to become a close aide to member of the UN-proposed government Fathi Al-Mijibri.

Receipts and bills began to be signed by Al-Mijibri, paying financial bills traded to a company called "Injaz", owned by Hanadi, hundreds of thousands of euros were paid under the pretext of organizing conferences, creating the argument of possible theft and embezzlement.