A leaked paper of what seems to be the draft ceasefire agreement that Libya's Presidential Council signed on Monday and Khalifa Haftar will sign on Tuesday, if he did, includes a commitment by the two sides to a line of battle on all frontlines.

The terms of the agreement, if true, say both parties should, with the support of Turkey and Russia, start an open-ended ceasefire and halt of hostilities, reiterating they should preserve Libyan sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The draft includes a reiteration that there is no military solution in Libya and that only an intra-Libyan and inclusive solution can settle the crisis.

"All offensive actions should cease and all parties should start deesclation in all areas." The draft adds, saying they should ensure safe access, delivery, storage and distribution of humanitarian assistance to the people in need in the country.

A 5+5 military mission, as per UNSMIL's proposal, should be mandated to specify the area of the line of battle of contact, observe the implementation of the ceasefire and ensure it is holding.

The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj and his delegation have signed a ceasefire agreement at indirect peace talks in Moscow on Monday, while Khalifa Haftar and his delegation agreed on it but pushed the signing till Tuesday morning, according to a press conference for Turkish and Russian Foreign Ministers following the talks.