Emails between Libya's consulate in Jeddah and Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry confirmed the handing over of Libyan detainees in Saudi Arabia to "Libyan government," without clarifying which government of the three ones it is.

The emails, which were published by Al-Nabaa TV, showed that the UN-proposed government's foreign ministry denied knowledge of the handing over of the detainees by Saudi authorities, which led the government to demand clarification.

Apparently, according to the course of events in the emails, the Saudi authorities seem to have handed over the pro-Libya Dawn detainees - who are against Haftar's Dignity Operation - to pro-Haftar eastern Interim Government in Al-Bayda city.

"Libyan detainees were badly treated in solitary cells in Saudi Arabia without charges." The emails show, indicating that the UN-proposed government's foreign ministry urged for immediate revelation of their fate, allowing the Libyan consul to visit them to see if they were not extradited.

The emails raised a bunch of questions as whether or not the Saudi authorities were fooled by pro-Haftar government, whether it handed them over on purpose and what would the UN-proposed government - recognized by Saudi Arabia - do if the detainees were sent to Haftar? Let alone the question about whether or not the Libyan holy sites goers would be detained when they visit Saudi Arabia - due to political issues.

Observes weighed in on the issue saying that if the detainees were sent to Haftar, they could end up in jail and tortured and might later be executed, especially with the current phenomenon of summary executions and tossing of bodies in the landfills in eastern Libya, adding that the UN-proposed government can only denounce as it has gotten no authority in east Libya.

Saudi Arabia detained Mahmoud Ben Rajab and Mohammed Hussein Al-Khadrawi after they had finished Umrah rituals saying they were linked to terrorist groups as per the House of Representatives' lists.

A third Libyan national, Hussein Zaiet, who is one of the leaders of Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room, took refuge in the Libyan consulate in Jeddah to avoid arrest, but sources say he was later arrested.