Names of the Government of National Accord were announced Thursday night. Fayaz Al-Sirrage, memebr of Tobruk parilment, was picked as the prime minister for government. Musa Al-Koni, Fathi Al-Mijibri and Ahmed Mitig were selected as deputies.

For the state ministers' position, Leon selected Mohammed Amari, GNC member, and Omer Al-Aswad.

Leon also proposed Abdul-Rahman Al-Swaihli as the president of State Council and Fathi Bashaga as Chairman of State Security Council.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Amari, the GNC dialogue member, expressed astonishment for the announcement of the names. He told Press Solidarity that the GNC will hold an urgent session to discuss this announcement.

"The GNC didn't propose any names." Amari confirmed.

Abdul-Rahman Al-Swaihli also criticized the announcement; saying the proposed unity government did not meet the minimum requirements for the success of the political agreement.

He also refused to take the post of the president of State Council as Leon proposed.

"Leon should know that he is not to decide who will be the president of state council." Al-Swaihli told Alnabaa TV.

"Leon used my name to approve his proposed government project, which the GNC was not part of." He added.