The Head of the UNSMIL Bernardino Leon said on Wednesday that the international community might not recognize the extension of Tobruk parliament mandate.

Commenting on the self-extension beyond October 20 during a press conference in Tunisia, Leon required the approval of the final draft and unity government in return for international recognition.

"No unilateral decision will be recognized, so if the agreement is adopted or supported by the House of Representatives they will, of course, be in the legitimacy, and I think in this case they can expect the recognition of the international community." He says.

He pointed out that the political dialogue will continue despite the rejection of the political accord by the conflicting parties in Libya.

"The process is going on, we will convene new meetings in the coming days to listen to proposals and ideas from the Libyans involved in the process and those outside the process to go on," said Leon.

Regarding the amendments requested by the GNC, he confirmed that no changes will be made to the draft, saying that the text of the draft would not be final unless endorsed by all Libyan parties.