Chief of UN Mission in Libya Bernardino Leon has asked GNC President for urgent assistance to mobilize support within the GNC to ensure ratification of the final UNSMIL draft agreement.

In a letter addressed to Nuri Abu Sahmain on Tuesday, Leon asked Abu Sahmain to treat the text of the political agreement as a single document inclusive of its various annexes.

"Endorsement of the text cannot be selective, and must be applied to the agreement as a whole." The letter reads.

In response to Leon's letter, Abu Sahmain expressed regret for mistreating GNC dialogue team in New York saying it was deliberate.

"The GNC dialogue team was thrown into a meeting attended by foreign minister of the dissolved parliament and Libya's representative to the UN who was sacked by the GNC, in addition to prime ministers of Egypt and the UAE which intervened in Libya militarily and bombed several Libyan cities." Abu Sahmain said.

He went to say that he was surprised by the announcement of names for the unity government based on a list sent to Leon by some GNC members.

 "When you announced the government, you took information from a GNC list sent by about 25 members who violated the legal framework of GNC. We found out that it was a scam list made by the writers." The letter reads.

Abu Sahmain confirmed that all GNC members are with the dialogue but they are split over how to deal with it.

"Some members refuse ways of managing the dialogue; some refuse dialogue outcomes, others accept dialogue management and are ready to pick nominees for the government on the condition that GNC amendments are included." He explained.