Libya’s Mufti: The real battle is in Benghazi, it is to decide Libya’s fate

Libya’s Mufti: The real battle is in Benghazi, it is to decide Libya’s fate

June 02, 2016 - 21:59
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Libya’s Mufti, Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, has confirmed that fighting IS militants is a duty, saying that those who fight them deserve to be martyrs, however, he pointed out that the real battle is the one taking place in Benghazi and it is a religious duty to give support for that battle's revolutionaries.

Talking to Tanasuh TV Wednesday, Mufti Al-Gharyani said IS militants are an oppressive group that is using religion as business and is misusing Islam, therefore, they must be fought just as Haftar and his militias, who also must be fought because they are oppressors and support wrongdoing, not to mention their backup for Daesh (IS) which remains obvious even if they claimed to fight them.

“The big real battle that defies Libyans and whose results can decide what would become of Libya is in Benghazi because Haftar has now a massive support by foreign forces, while the battle has toughened on the revolutionaries in Benghazi.” Mufti Al-Gharyani indicated.

He also stressed that Libyans are nowadays paying the so-called reconciliations that were misplaced, describing some of them as “rotten and failed” and saying that reconciliation must be conducted properly as not to enable criminals to take hold of Muslims, according to him.

Libya’s Mufti also congratulated the Libyan businessmen, who were freed from the UAE’s prisons in the last two days.