Libya’s western municipalities decline Constitution Drafting Assembly’s outcomes

Libya’s western municipalities decline Constitution Drafting Assembly’s outcomes

February 16, 2016 - 19:50
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A number of western municipalities have rejected the outcomes reached by the Work Committee of the Constitution Drafting Assembly and called on it to rethink the current constitutional track and thus, try to fix it to make it fit to the Libyan unity criteria by renouncing division and separation.

‘We all support the boycotting CDA’s members in their decision.” Stated the municipalities in a statement Tuesday, adding that they totally refuse to accept any of the conclusions that the Work Committee jumped to as they establish the norms of tribalism and regionalism instead of establishing those of nationalism, which are the cornerstone of all the constitutions the world over.

The statement displayed the utter rejection of the municipalities to presenting any proposal that would be analogous to the Work Committee’s outcomes, which call for regional and tribal separation, by the CDA.

Equally important, the CDA’s Work Committee presented its second draft of the constitution days ago including that the official name of the country would be the Libyan Republic, which they proposed will have three capitals; Tripoli as a political capital, Benghazi – an economic capital, and Sabha would be a touristic and cultural capital. This proposal was considered by many analysts a tendency for regionalism and separation.