The Head of the Presidential Council (PC), Muhammed Menfi, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, had a phone call Friday to discuss topics on the bilateral cooperation agenda in trade, economy, reconstruction, and political support as the country heads towards more stability.

The PC media office quoted Menfi as saying that his government is looking forward to China's support in the political track through its membership in the Security Council.

He thanked the Chinese government for its solidarity with the Libyan people and their options to live in a unified state.

Against the backdrop of the progress made in the Libyan peace process, Menfi called for the return of Chinese companies to Libya to contribute to the reconstruction process.

For his part, the Chinese Foreign Minister reiterated his country's commitment to support the political process and work to help the Presidential Council overcome the encountering difficulties.

He reaffirmed that his government acknowledges the right of the Libyan authorities to reject any foreign interference calling for full respect for Libyan sovereignty.

Minister Yi vowed that China would use its presence in the Security Council to extend the UN mission's work and lift the embargo on frozen Libyan funds.

He also expressed his country's readiness to support reconstruction and infrastructure, through Chinese companies, under previously concluded agreements, underscoring that they would encourage Chinese companies to return to Libya.

Concerning the Corona pandemic, the Chinese foreign minister announced that the Chinese government had allocated 400,000 doses of vaccine to Libya, in addition to other supplies, requesting the competent authorities to communicate with China to coordinate their delivery as soon as possible.