Libya's UN ambassador Taher El Sonni has critized the selective approach of the UN sanctions committee, saying it is not helpful in stopping violations and that it is used by some countries for political gains in Libya.

El Sonni, speaking at a closed Security Council meeting on Tuesday based on a Libyan request in the presence of countries involved in Libya's conflict, also complained about the intervention of Egypt and UAE in Libya and their support for Khalifa Haftar and his aggression on Tripoli.

He also said the sanctions committee's approach isn't working even in other countries than Libya, adding it has been clear that it has attempted to undermine governments in Libya, citing statements that equalize the legitimate Government of National Accord with the leaders of aggression on Tripoli.

He also said that despite Security Council calls for dealing only with the legitimate GNA in Libya, many countries are publicly dealing with the parallel institutions in the country, providing them with money, weapons and mercenaries to kill Libyans.

He referred to Egypt's intervention and the meeting of some Libyans with El-Sisi for a fake mandate for the Egyptian Army to intervene in Libya, adding that Cairo also threatened to arm civilian tribes to fight legitimate GNA forces and kill Libyans, and that "this was a declaration of war on Libya.

El Sonni also talked about Russian Wagner Group mercenaries' intervention and their presence in Sirte and Jufra, saying: "they are occupying the two cities along with Libyan oil facilities," adding that the sanctions committee also documented arms flow to Haftar's forces from the UAE and Jordan, which both claim they are unbiased.