Libya Dawn brigades from Tajoura launched today a massive attack and took control of the Juvenile Detention Center, which was under control of an armed group loyal to Dignity Operation and led by militiaman Abdullah Sasi. 

The attack on Sasi's camp came after his group launched a surprise attack on the Anti-Crime HQ at dawn. 

In the eastern side of Tajoura, Libya Dawn brigades are now preparing for another massive attack to take control of brigade 101 Camp which is also loyal to dignity operation and led by militiaman Nasir Mihat. 

Mihat's group tried early today to advance towards a Libya Dawn military camp, formerly known as Camp 32, opposite to the Heart Hospital. The attempt was thwarted and Mihat's group retreated back. Libya Dawn are now advancing towards Mihat's camp in the eastern side of the district while sounds of heavy artillery still echoing all over the district. 

Tajoura district is fully under the control of Libya Dawn despite the presence of two armed brigades loyal to Dignity Operation. Clashes between both sides had been avoided for several times to avert war in the district.