The classification of Defend Benghazi Brigades, Monday, ignited a heated argument in the final day of Libyan dialogue meeting held on July 16-18 at the luxury Golden Tulip Hotel in Tunisia.

Loyalists to Dignity Operation, mainly from the eastern region, wanted to condemn Defend Benghazi Brigades and classify them as terrorists in the final statement of the 3-day meeting.

Their demand was totally rejected by State Council members Saleh Makhzoom and Mohamed Emzab, and Presidency Council member Mohamed Amari who all walked out in protest.

Dignity Operation brands all of its opponents as terrorists.

The statement was finally released without any reference to Defend Benghazi Brigades, which upset the eastern members.

The statement called for periodic meetings to address the crisis of blackouts, cash shortage and oil fields closure. It also urged Tobruk parliament to carry out its duties and approve the UN-installed government.

Meanwhile, Defend Benghazi Brigades have repelled an attack by Dignity Operation militias to retake Al-Magrun, 70km west of Benghazi. The town was taken over by DBB on Friday as they advance toward Benghazi.