The Libyan Government of National Accord called Sunday on the UN Security Council to take up responsibility to file the evidence of Tarhouna mass graves with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala sent a letter to the Security Council saying the number of mass graves unearthed in Tarhouna reached 11 as some bodies were buried alive, including women and children.

Sayala called on the ICC to take the necessary legal action against Khalifa Haftar and his militias' crimes in Tarhouna and to bring the perpetrators to justice so that their impunity would end, urging the Security Council to do the same as Haftar's crimes in Tarhouna amount to crimes against humanity.

"The silence of the Security Council toward the GNA calls to take action against Haftar's offensive on Tripoli led to what we see today in Tarhouna and elsewhere." Sayala said.

Libyan Army forces under GNA's command unearthed several mass graves since day one of liberating Tarhouna from Haftar's forces, who killed and buried their opponents as legal organizations said the number of bodies found in the graves amounted to 300 bodies.