Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi will visit Libya on Tuesday, according to Italian news agency Nova.

The trip will mark the first international travel for Draghi since assuming office last February,

Nova agency said that Draghi will discuss several files, top of which the developing situation in Libya, combating immigration, energizing reconstruction efforts and the natural gas submarine pipeline "Green Stream" running from western Libya to the island of Sicily in Italy.

Nova quoted Libyan sources as saying that contacts are already underway to sign a strong partnership agreement in the energy transfer sector.

The sources added that the issue is related to a new, long-term agreement that may include building stations for renewable energy sources in Fezzan -the vast area of ​​southwestern Libya rich in natural resources-.

Nova anticipated that the Italian company Eni -the leading producer of gas in Libya and the main supplier of gas to the Italian domestic market- will play a major role in this project with a share of about 80 percent, according to the agency.