Libya's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani has considered the ceasefire in Tripoli "an illusion", saying it was just created to impose reality on the ground.

In his weekly program on Tanasuh TV channel, Sheikh Al-Sadiq recalled that Haftar did not agree to the ceasefire in the first place, asking "with whom did the GNA agree with; was the ceasefire virtually established to say it had been breached?”

"Forces of the aggressors are arrayed in battle positions and we are talking about a ceasefire," he added, indicating that the Russian mercenaries are still fighting in the front lines along with Haftar’s militias.

He voiced his support for the demands of Major General, Ahmed Abu Shahmeh, who called during Geneva talks for the return of Tripoli attackers to their bases in Benghazi and the return of the displaced to their homes in southern Tripoli

"All UN envoys are from the same background, one of deception for those who seek freedom, and elimination of injustice and authoritarianism", he added.

The mufti considered talks about progress in Geneva meetings just a smokescreen to impose a fait accompli, calling on the forces defending Tripoli to band together and declare a state of alert in order to defend their homeland.