Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani described the situation in the south as a tragedy in its true sense.

He stressed that funnelling money without a development platform and programs to initiate service projects and provide jobs will not solve the region's problem.

On his weekly program on Tanasuh TV Wednesday, Sheikh Al-Sadiq said that the southern region lacks the most fundamental services and is hijacked by the mercenary battalions, criminals, and smuggling gangs.

The Mufti asserted in his speech that neighbouring countries are not keen on seeing Libya settle down.

"They are exploiting the current chaos in the country by taking advantage of the ongoing smuggling to revive their economy, the Mufti explained, saying that they are in fact doing no help to Libyans, contrary to their statements and slogans.

He also reminded people in power, including councils, governments, and ministers of their responsibility for the bloodshed, the violation of freedoms, and the looting of public funds in the south and elsewhere, raising questions about leaving such area which is considered the treasure house of natural riches of Libya without any protection, as other parts of the country.

He also questioned the motive for withdrawing the Third Force from the south despite its role in safeguarding peace and security in the region.