The Hay Al-Andalus municipality in Tripoli gave armed formations within the area five days to leave, calling on Tripoli security Department to activate security units.

In a televised statement on Saturday, the municipality - in the presence of parliament members from the area - said they would escalate the situation if the armed formations did not comply with their demands, threatening to close roads inside their district.

It also called on the armed factions to surrender the killers of a guy from the district to justice and release the only witness "Ahmed Abed Al-Werimi" who is detained in 7 April Camp.

7 April Camp is now run by an armed force that has been summoned recently by the Presidential Council to end clashes in Tripoli.

"Police and other security units should be activated inside the municipality to end deterioration of security conditions." The statement adds.

On Friday, several protesters blocked a couple of main roads and burnt tires over the killing of a guy from Siyahiya in western Tripoli by gunmen, who stole his car afterwards.

Lack of security has prevailed in western Tripoli districts, including Hay Al-Andalus, with many reported robberies and thefts after the return of many notorious armed groups who had been kicked out of the area.

Some armed groups returned to its previous positions and areas after the PC's decision to implement the ceasefire after recent clashes in Tripoli, while others took use of the current security vacuum.