The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj met with the Italian Foreign Minister, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, on Saturday in Tripoli and discussed the importance of reactivating 2008-signed friendship agreement between the two countries, Al-Sirraj's media office reported.

Milanesi said he hopes for Italy to be the connection between Libya and Europe, saying his country totally rejects the handover of oil terminals to the parallel National Oil corporation, stressing the need for working under the UN auspices.

Meanwhile, Al-Sirraj stressed the necessity for reactivating the friendship agreement with Italy so both countries' citizens can benefit from all its goals and services, wishing that Italy would implement the package of assistance like trainings, scholarships, easy visa requirements, Italian airliners' flights to and from Libya and the return of Italian firms to work in Libya.

The two officials also agreed to fight illegal immigration human trafficking by supporting the source countries, and by supporting Libya agent the traffickers' networks plus aiding the shelter centers of migrants and speeding their return home.

"Libya's stability is essential to entire Europe not to Italy alone and this visit will bring more cooperation in the future with Libya. We will provide Libya's coastguards with the necessary equipment to guarantee better performance." Milanesi added in a joint presser with his Libyan counterpart, Mohammed Sayala.

Sayala said they agreed to reactivate the friendship agreement for the two countries' best interests.

Milanesi arrived Saturday in Tripoli to review the illegal immigration issue. This is his first visit to Libya after he became FM of the new far-right Italian government.