The "dirty money" of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is being paid to recruit African mercenaries to occupy Libya's south and that money could lead to the division of the country if it was not blocked, Libya's Mufti, Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani said Monday.

In a new published article, the Mufti said UAE and Saudi Arabia leaders are stuffing their enemies' bank accounts with money so they can buy some of their weapons and thus achieve development in their factories, pointing out that it is shameful that they don't buy with that money arms to fight the enemy but rather to kill Libyans and Yemenis or to oppress revolutions in Arab countries.

"Khalifa Haftar, using the arms bought with UAE money, killed over 15000 persons in Benghazi, left over 20000 crippled persons and displaced over 100.000 of Benghazi residents after he had destroyed it." The Mufti explained.

"Always the UAE and Saudi Arabia money is used in plots and schemes that are made to harm the Muslim nation." He added.

He also said that the UAE and Saudi Arabia should have spent the money given to "the enemies" on the construction, education and scientific research in the Muslim nation in Africa, or for the wellbeing of the Muslims in Burma or the besieged population of Gaza.

"Instead, the money was spent on oppressive intelligence agencies." The Mufti remarked.

He also pointed out that UAE and Saudi Arabia betrayed the "cause" and are taking the side of the enemy against Muslims, adding that they are helping the Zionists crack down on the resistance movement Hamas in Palestine, placing the "Mujahideen on terror lists."