A report on foreign vessels and trawlers that violated Libya's territorial waters has been released.

The report, released by the Media Office of Libyan Navy, showed numbers of vessels and trawlers which were intercepted after penetrating the territorial waters from 2012 to the first quarter of 2016.

Published by state news agency LANA, the report indicated that a total of 61 vessels were intercepted with more than 600 crew members on board.

"31 vessels came from Egypt, 15 from Tunisia, 6 from Italy, 1 from Greece, 3 from Malta, 2 from Lebanon, 1 oil tanker from Russia, and 1 Panama-flagged vessel and another Tanzania- flagged one," The report explained.

It also identified the nationalities of the arrested sailors on board these vessels. These included more than 380 Egyptians, more than 228 Tunisians and more than 14 Italians, in addition to unspecified numbers from Malta, Greece, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Croatia, Nigeria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia and Africa.

The report also outlined that 46 vessels, representing 71% of the intercepted ones, were caught fishing illegally in the Libyan waters.

"3 vessels representing 5% were intercepted for smuggling goods. 2 vessels were intercepted for smuggling drugs and tobacco and 9% of the vessels were intercepted for smuggling fuel." The report indicated, adding that 7 vessels representing 11% were caught without specifying their loads.