The spokesman of the Libyan Navy Force, Ayoub Qassim, called on the dubious NGOs' vessels at the middle of the Mediterranean to leave, saying they are profiting off immigrants' suffering.

"Those NGOs are all about glittering and touchy slogans about human rights but infect they are profiting off the suffering of African migrants." Qassim explained.

He also confirmed the statement of the Italian Prime Minister and Interior Minister on Tuesday who they told news agency Aki that certain so-called humanitarian NGOs' vessels are still making money out of the migrants' suffering.

"Those NGOs have secret plans. They want to empty Africa from the youth and they want to steal the continent's fortunes. In the past, tens of immigrants used to make to Europe and tens others used to be reported missing in the sea, but today: tens of thousands arrive in Europe and other tens of thousands drown trying. This is nonhuman." Qassim indicated.

He also said that they previously warned the whole world, EU and Italy in particular, of the fact that those NGOs aim at making money and taking power, thus we called for stopping their operation in the Mediterranean and for appointing coastguards from the countries overlooking the sea.

"We don't need dubious NGOs with no clear ideologies." Qassim remarked.

Italy's Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, told reporters that they were considering more restrictions so human traffickers can fall short of support.