Libya has underscored that nuclear disarmament must remain an integrated and indivisible goal, during the participation of its mission to the UN in this year's session of the Disarmament Commission at the UN HQ in New York. 

The media office of Libya's mission to the UN said that a member of its delegation, Issam Bin Zainoun, clarified in the opening session Libya’s position on the most crucial points on the commission's agenda.

He told the group of Libya's support for the international efforts aimed at reaching a world free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

Nuclear disarmament must remain an integrated and indivisible goal that requires the commitment of nuclear powers to implement their obligations in order to achieve the universality of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Bin Zainoun said.

Furthermore, he emphasized his country's support for establishing a "Middle East free of nuclear weapons" and other weapons of mass destruction.

Libya also called on the international community to work to make outer space a common heritage for humanity, insisting that all legitimate activities must be taken up within the United Nations.

In light of the growing competition in joining the space race, Libya stressed the necessity of keeping outer space a field free of conflicts, wars, or armaments until a global and binding legal instrument is reached to ensure the prevention of an arms race there.