The Libya Observer is celebrating its 9th anniversary today, April 01.

 Since launching in Tripoli in 2014, The Libya Observer provided daily coverage of the country’s political, economic, cultural, and sports news in addition to a wide range of varieties and videos.

The Libya Observer is available both in English in Arabic with weekly print editions to become among the top news sources in Libya with thousands of news and over 3 million views in 2022, in addition to around a million users and 1.7 million sessions.

The newspapers also gained a good reputation on social media. On Twitter in 2022, we had over 81k followers, an impression rate of over 13 million, and 1.5 million direct visits.

On Facebook, our page gained over 1.5 million post reach and over 350k direct visits in 2022.

The Libya Observer is committed to delivering comprehensive and authoritative coverage of Libyan news and current affairs as they happen.