Libya's power stations now generate 5050 MW of power while the actual demand has hit 6800 MW, causing a gap of 1750 MW, the Director of Electricity Company of UN-proposed government declared today.

Abdul-Majeed Hamza forecasted in a press conference in Tripoli that the country's power demand for next summer would reach 7200 MW with a gap of 2150 MW.

"The company has to schedule rolling blackouts because several power stations have been stopped to undergo periodic maintenance, while some operating stations experience shortage of gas and liquid fuel supply," he explained, adding that suspension of works at the new power plants due to the current political and security situations is also a dilemma for the company.

Libya has three rival electricity companies, two in Tripoli and a third one in the east.

Tripoli and many other Libyan cities are thrown into long hours of darkness following a massive outage that lasts around 12 hours a day.