Three Presidential Council (PC) members: Ahmed Maiteeg, Fathi Al-Mijibri, and Abdelsalam Kajman, have issued a statement accusing the Head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sirraj, of having an individual and personal approach to decision making in vital issues in the country.

The three members sent a letter on Saturday to Al-Sirraj and called on him to look for the best interest of the country over his own personal interests.

"We hold Al-Sirraj responsible for the repercussions of the imminent collapse of the country and its institutions, which would make Libya go back to the drawing board." The trio added.

They also said that such imminent calamities are caused by the policies of Al-Sirraj which lack "proper consideration" and are in essence "irresponsible."

"The individualistic approach you are adopting in vital decisions break away with the idea of accord. Your actions of ignoring the conflicting parties including the members of the PC has made it a conflict party rather than a body that generates solutions to that conflict." The letter reads.

Last Tuesday, the same three members urged the Head of the Audit Bureau and the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya not to approve a decision endorsed by Al-Sirraj to appoint Sulaiman Al-Shanti as the Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority.

They called for applying the laws of the Libyan Political Agreement that include consultations in making sovereign decisions with the House of Representatives and the High Council of State.