Libya reconciliation conference failed due to Khalifa Haftar praise

Libya reconciliation conference failed due to Khalifa Haftar praise

September 17, 2016 - 17:11
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The praise of Khalifa Haftar’s self-proclaimed “Libyan National Army” has cast a shadow over Libya’s National Reconciliation and Unity Conference, obliging the organizers to wrap it up unexpectedly.

The conference kicked off Saturday in the Amazigh city of Nalut in western Libya and was expected to end tomorrow, but the speech of Tobruk parliament’s envoy Abu Baker Al-Ghazali has caused uproar that forced the organizers to read the final statement and announce the end of the conference.

Al-Ghazali started his speech with a lavish praise of Khaifa Haftar’s self-proclaimed army and its victories over Ibrahim Jodran’s armed groups in the oil crescent region. His speech was interrupted with chaos and disagreement while many participants walked out in protest.

“Did you come here to spoil the conference or speak about the army? We are here to reconcile, we are all against terrorism, you divide us because of a person (Haftar),” an organizer was heard rebuking Al-Ghazali, as participants started chanting “Libya…Libya.”

The final statement called for unity, rejection to foreign intervention, support of police and army institutions, and refusal to unity meetings outside Libya.